California Law Enforcement Challenge

The California Law Enforcement Challenge is a competition between similar sizes and types of law enforcement agencies throughout the state. It recognizes and rewards the best overall traffic safety programs in California. The areas of concentration include efforts to enforce laws and educate the public about occupant protection, impaired driving, and speeding. Agencies submit an application with a presentation to document their efforts and effectiveness in these areas. The winning safety programs are those that combine officer training, public information and enforcement to reduce vehicle collisions and injuries within their jurisdiction.

The competition is a friendly way for law enforcement agencies to increase their attention to traffic safety. It provides opportunities for public recognition of exemplary programs, incentive for continuing traffic safety activities, and documentation of agency effectiveness that can be used in future grant proposals. Being the winner of this challenge brings a great deal of positive attention to the efforts of a department and enhances an agency's reputation as a department which is "tough on crime" yet prioritizes traffic safety.

A panel of traffic safety experts from across the country will review each application and assign points based on the criteria. After the judging, the scores are averaged and a final score is assigned. After all of the applications are scored, the agencies are ranked in their categories. All judges are independent members of the law enforcement community, public safety, and corporate partners who have demonstrated advance knowledge of highway safety initiatives. The competition has no losers - only winners: for saving lives and reducing the frequency and severity of injuries are the true rewards of law enforcement's efforts.

Awards for the 2010 entry were presented to the department by California Highway Patrol Commissioner J. A Farrow.

Yuba City Police Department tied for 1st Place in Local Allied Law Enforcement: 51-70 Sworn Officers. 17 departments competed in this category. The department also received a special award for Bicycle/Pedestrian Safety. Police Chief Rob Landon said, “The safety of motor vehicle occupants, cyclists and pedestrians in our community is a top priority of the Yuba City Police Department. I am very proud of the hard work which resulted in this recognition.”

In 2009 we were recognized for Speed Awareness Efforts for agencies our size.

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