Historical Photo Essay of the Department

Yuba City Police Department's second home - joint facilities with the Yuba City Fire Department under the Water Tower on Plumas Street (Looking North - Fremont Way can be seen just past the far fire engine). A red light on-top of the tower would, " Signal Officers to Telephone the Station for a Hot Call." circa 1939.

"Old City Hall" - circa 1949. The Police Department was downstairs and the Fire Department occupied the "open bays" on the left.

Photo Courtesy of the Shields Special Collection - University of California - Davis.

Members of the Department on the rear steps of the "Old City Hall" circa 1949

Reserve Officers - circa 1950

Department Photo 1953
Front Row: Ms. Marveleen Nelson
Second Row (L-R): Officer Roy Kronmeyer, Sergeant Frank Wamsley, Inspector Gordon Phillips, Sergeant Otto Kunde and Chief Lewis Duncan
Back Row (L-R): Officer Mike (Unknown last name), Officer Nick Frandrup. Additional officers unknown.

Photo Courtesy of: Mr. Charles Nelson


Photo Courtesy of Mr. Carl Lane

Dispatcher Clerk / Matron Ruth Vierria

Photo Courtesy of Kathryn Vierria-Doscher

Circa early 1970's

Photo from the collection of Ms. Melanie Toth Fitzpatrick

Emergency Reporting:
Dial 9-1-1

Police Dispatch:
(530) 822-4661

Yuba City Police Department
1545 Poole Boulevard
Yuba City, CA 95993