Citizen Feedback

Official Complaint

This form is used to file a formal complaint against an employee(s) of the Yuba City Police Department.  The form has instructions and information about the procedures on how these complaints are investigated as required by California Penal Code Section 832.5(a).  The form can be printed and then filled out or it can be filled out while on this site and then printed.  The online version will expand in some fields to accommodate descriptive details.  If you choose to print this form before filling it out, please use as many additional sheets of paper as needed to provide the  information.  The form has information on what to do with the form once it is printed.

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This form is used to give an accolade for an employee, group of employees or the department as a whole.

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Additionally, if you would like to just give a comment about our department or an employee you can email the following with the details and it will be distributed to the appropriate division:

icon-email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.