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The Yuba City Police Department Volunteers in Policing (VIP) Program was formed in 1997.  At the time of its inception, there were 14 members.  There are currently 26 volunteers in the program and it continues to grow in members and duties. The purpose of the volunteer program is to enhance the department’s cooperative partnership with the community by bringing citizens directly into the police department organization.  A secondary goal of this program is to provide the citizens of Yuba City with an increased level of service.

Members of the volunteer program must attend a 12-week Citizen Police Academy, be at least 21 years of age and be able to commit to a minimum of 16 hours of service per month to the police department.  A background check is conducted on each volunteer applicant.  

As of December 2011 the volunteers have donated over 75,000 hours of their time and talents to the police department.

Some of the volunteer duties include but are not limited to:

  • Staffing the Yuba City Community Service Office

  • Patrol duties, traffic control / Parking & Handicapped tickets

  • Filing or word processing within our Records Department

  • Assisting in the Property/Evidence Room

  • Assisting with special community events

  • Conducting business, residential security checks

  • Conduct radar surveys

  • Assist with Crime Prevention Programs

  • Home visits to at risk seniors / VOICE program

  • Assist during emergency situations

  • Department mail / court runs

“TOGETHER WE PROTECT” is a motto used by the Yuba City Police Department in a cooperative effort between the police department and the community we serve.  We understand that we cannot be effective in carrying out our jobs without a working partnership with the public we serve.

If interested in becoming a member of the Yuba City Police Department Volunteers in Policing (VIP’s), we require you to attend the Citizen’s Academy.  You can apply online here or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at (530) 822-4788.

The Yuba City Police Department also offers a volunteer program to interested parties under the age of 21 years through the Police Cadet Program. If you are interested in becoming a Cadet contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at (530) 822-2028.


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Online Citizen Police Report FAQ

What if this happened in another city can I file a report using this online police citizen reporting system?

No, If a crime took place outside of the City of Yuba City Police Department please call the police department for that city.

What if this happened on a state Freeway?

If this took place on a state Freeway please call the Highway Patrol Office nearest you.

What is a known suspect?

A known suspect is when you or someone else knows the person or where to find the person who committed the crime or the license plate number of the vehicle the suspect(s) were in.

Identity Theft

Welcome to the Yuba City Police Department Citizens Online Police Reporting System. Using this internet police reporting system you will be able to report the incident without waiting and print a copy of the report for free. If you are the victim of identity theft or fraud please get and keep all papers, receipts, cancelled checks, mail from companies, etc. related to this crime. We may contact you to get these items if needed and you should keep copies for your records.

There are some groups you should get in touch with if you are the victim of identity theft or fraud, some will ask for the report number you get at the end of this online police report process.

AgencyWeb URLContact Telephone Number
Equifax http://www.equifax.com/ 1-800-525-6285
Experian http://www.experian.com/ 1-888-397-3742
Trans Union http://www.transunion.com/ 1-800-680-7289
U.S. Federal Trade Commission http://www.ftc.gov/ 1-877-438-4338
Department of Motor Vehicles http://www.dmv.ca.gov/ 1-800-777-0133


Click below and pick Identity Theft to start the report.

Helpful Tips:

  • Protect your social security number and only give it out when required by law.
  • No bank, auction site or other business should send you an email asking you to enter credit card information, passwords, social security numbers or other personal information. Often these fake emails will contain links to pages that look real but are not. If you suspect you are being directed to a fake site please go to the actual home web site of the company and inform them of what has happened.
  • Avoid mail theft by obtaining a locked mailbox and dropping off outgoing mail at the local post office or postal mailbox.
  • Do not give out your personal information or credit card number over the phone unless you initiated the call.
  • Shred credit card offers and bank statements before you throw them away if you do not plan on using them.


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Hit and Run Accidents

The E-Reporting form is for use in situations in which no suspect information is present. (Examples: Your car was parked unattended and an unknown driver/vehicle hit your car and didn't leave a note or a vehicle hit your car and then fled without stopping to exchange information or before you could get a license plate.)

If you are aware of the individual or have a license plate of the suspect's vehicle that caused damage to your vehicle, please contact 9-1-1 if this occurred in the last 10 minutes. If more than 10 minutes have passed since the damage occurred and you know the individual or you have a license plate of the suspect's vehicle that caused damage to your vehicle, please call (530)822-4660 select the option for the police department and then the option for reporting a crime. If you have sustained any type of injury, please contact 9-1-1 and do not use E-Reporting.


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