Property Evidence

The Property & Evidence Unit is attached to the Investigations section of the Yuba City Police Department. This unit is responsible for receiving, bar-coding, storing and proper disposal of property and evidence. Additionally, the unit is responsible for maintaining, storing and disposing of evidence from the local law enforcement drug task force, NET-5.

A crucial duty of the Property & Evidence Officer is maintaining the “chain of custody” for evidence. She also ensures the availability of evidence for court, handles all of the shipping of drugs and other items of evidence to the Department of Justice for analysis and receives, logs and ships biological samples to specific laboratories for testing such as for DNA retrieval and matching.

The unit is charged with the proper disposal of evidence and other property in accordance with state law, or upon completion of court proceedings as directed by a magistrate.

The Property & Evidence Unit is involved in a continuous process of reception, tracking and safeguarding of material, which comes into the possession of the department. 

If you need to check on or retrieve a piece of property/evidence use the information below for the fastest service.

Contact Information:

FST S. Gardner
(530) 822-4680
Hours M-F 7:30am - 4:30pm except Holidays and Furloughs