Alarm Permits and Renewals

The City of Yuba City Alarm Permit Ordinance went into effect on Saturday March 7, 2009. The ordinance is significantly different than the repealed ordinance as it pertains to the alarm user.  Click here to see the ordinance.

To apply for a permit or a renewal click here.

The new ordinance has changed the fees associated with alarm usage in the City of Yuba City, as follows:

New permit cost
Renewal cost
First two false alarms in (365 days) cost
Third and subsequent alarms in (365 days) cost
Investigation fee cost
$69.00* each
$43.50* each
Three year permit
Three year renewal

Any questions can be directed to the Yuba City Police Department records unit at (530) 822-7195 or by coming in to the police department between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm weekdays.

*Fees are subject to change by ordinance. Call (530) 822-7195 or click here for current amount.