Traffic Unit

Traffic Education and Enforcement Unit

The Traffic Education and Enforcement Unit is committed to providing safe transportation corridors in which motor vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians can safely share the streets of our community.

Two members of the Traffic Education
and Enforcement Unit on patrol.

The Unit developed numerous programs to combat injury collisions in Yuba City. The following is a summary of programs:

Suspended Traffic Offender Program targets suspended and unlicensed drivers. The majority of these drivers have been involved in traffic related incidents, resulting in license suspension. This program is having a major impact on all alcohol related incidents, inclusive of a major reduction in DUI arrests, a reduction in habitual offenders involved in DUI crashes and DUI collisions in general. Each year more than 800 vehicles are removed from the road and held for a 30-day period or until the owner or driver obtains proper licensing.

“Every 15 Minutes” is a two-day program focusing on juniors and seniors in high school. It challenges them to not drink alcohol, care for their personal safety and recognize the responsibility of making mature decisions. This program is the culmination of nine months preparation by a committee supported with thirty community members. More than 9,000 students and adults have attended the program thus far.

Traffic Enforcement Officers attend the Yuba City High School Prom Night. Officers greet each attendee, screening for alcohol consumption. This program has become popular with parents and students as it provides assurance of a safe environment free of alcohol.

The Neighborhood Speed Awareness (NSA) Program is designed to reduce speed in residential neighborhoods through a combination of education and enforcement. Violators cited under this program attend a class at the Police Station designed to inform the driving public of the need for speed compliance. Annually more than 400 violators attend the 1 ½ hour-long class.

The Bicycle Enforcement and Education Program is a first time offender program designed to encourage youth under the age of 18 to comply with the law requiring helmet use. Bicycle Court is held at the police department and is conducted by the Sutter County Probation Department. Helmet use has increased due to this program, resulting in a reduction of injuries to bicyclists.

The Traffic Education and Enforcement Unit offers the following services: street closures for public events, traffic education to public and community service groups, bicycle rodeos conducted at sites open to the general public and traffic safety education (auto, bicycle and pedestrian) in the Yuba City Unified Schools. In partnership with Fremont-Rideout Hospitals and the Sutter County Health Department, we provide bicycle helmets free of charge and conduct child safety seat inspections